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Logi Tag Nuevo


Módulos RFID

Discreet RFID tags that withstand liquid immersion, high pressure conditions and extreme temperatures. Endure severe conditions while protecting data integrity. These small, thin discs enable discreet placement in a broad range of applications. The smallest Logi Tag discs are ideal for tagging industrial tools and small equipment. As part of a commercial laundry logistics system, Logi Tag discs ensure accurate item counting and documentation, while enabling automatic billing and real-time inventory control. Logi Tag discs enable medical facilities automatically track clothing, linens, rags, surgical sponges, and life-saving equipment. Effective tracking of reusable assets and verification of cleaning and sterilization procedures ensures better patient and staff safety through improved infection control.

Aplicación en:

Asset tracking and logistics -Inventory -Tools and small equipment Laundry -Automated accounting of cleaning -Automated sorting and inventory -Clothing, uniforms -Commercial laundry -Owner identification Medical and health -Hospital laundry -Medical and surgical accessories


Inconspicuous – Compact form factors conceal easily in textile assets, hand tools or small equipment. Durable – Resistant to extreme temperature, chemicals, fluids, industrial detergents and high pressure. Powerful – Rapid, accurate asset identification and data storage, with anti-collision functionality for simultaneous processing of multiple items. Options for mounting on metal or non-metal surfaces, or radiation resistant FRAM