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Módulos RFID

Efficiently tag large quantities of non-metallic assets to enable powerful RFID applications

HID Global Inlays & Labels are small, thin self-adhesive tags that allow discreet or overt placement. They are easily hidden behind a poster or display, or inside a product housing or package; or they may be imprinted with high-visibility graphics, attracting the attention of people with smartphones or other standard RFID readers.

Promotional marketers use Inlays & Labels to quickly and cost-effectively integrate digital touch points into physical media, such as posters, packaging, point-of-purchase displays, and magazines. With Inlays & Labels in place, smartphone-wielding customers can interact in real time with your brand. Wireless technology enables effortless transactions, engaging improved customer participation and satisfaction

Aplicación en:

Control de inventarios , Control de producción, Control de activos fijos, almacenes, Logística, Seguridad, Trazabilidad de productos, control de cajas y trasvases


Standards compliant options

  • NFC Forum Tag Type 2, 4 or 5

Label reels may be programmed and printed using standard equipment

Each tag guaranteed to work

Available also with HID Trusted Tag® Technology for added security versions for on- or off-metal use

Effortless integration – Simply apply tags to any print media, packaging or non-metal assets.

Ready adoption – Interoperable with NFC Forum and RAIN UHF RFID compliant devices.

Enhanced effectiveness – Faster, more accurate than QR-codes or text transactions

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