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Volcano Tag Nuevo


Módulos RFID

Passive contactless radio frequency identification (RFID) transponders are built for reliable performance in high-heat conditions. Volcano Tag housings are composed of field-proven, temperature-stable polyphthalamide (PPA).

This thermoplastic shell holds its shape despite high or fluctuating temperatures, protecting the electronics within. Exceptional toughness, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance assure consistent communications with RFID readers, and reliable performance in automation and manufacturing applications.

Aplicación en:

Automation and manufacturing

  • High temperature production processes
  • Machinery


High heat tolerance – during storage, industrial processing, transportation and outdoor use 
Durable housing – withstands rigors of chemical and mechanical exposure
Versatile – screw-mounts securely anywhere without compromising performance: glass, metal, plastic, or wood

They offer reliable, cost-effective tagging for near-proximity reader applications, with available data storage from a 64-bit user ID up to 264-bit read-write capability